About Us

We are a Parsi family run business from industrial town of Bharuch, the world’s second oldest city, situated on the banks of the holy river Narmada. Bharuch in its hay days used to have around 4000 Parsis or more, and had a rich tradition of conducting its much famous ‘GHAMBHARS’ (A religious tradition of get together for dinner or maybe lunch frequently, in memory of late members of the community.) open to all community members, serving the most authentic Parsi cuisines like Dhanshak, Pulav, Akuri, Bharuchi Edu, Masala Daar (Daal) with desi Ghee and Pav, and many more delicacies cocked on wood fire with its distinct flavors, found nowhere but in Bharuch. There used to be around 10 ‘Pangats’ (Around 400 people served in a pangats (shifts) taking place. Zoroastrians from almost all corners of the country used to pay visit once a while and some even regulars. This extra ordinary events slowed down as the community started dwindling in numbers due to migrating to places like Bombay, Surat, Navsari, Pune etc. Gradually resulting in ending of the tradition coming to halt around 2015.

Having said we still find it as a topic of discussion among the old members of the community on many occasions which remains a folklore to be passed to the next generation and the food still in practice at Gambhars and festive get togethers taking place at different parts of the country.

Taking inspiration and to honor this legacy we decided to start a platform from where one can buy premium spice blends, authentic and top quality variety of green produce homemade on small scale like masalas, pickles, snacks, dairy products, honey, agri products, art and crafts, souvenirs, and more, made by us under strict quality checks, backed up with our dedicated in house recipes which are made consulting with the Khansamaas (the professionals who help to prepare food) and adapting them for an easy home make experience. Also supported by how to videos, for each and every spice sold at our counters.

We have taken all the precautions in trying to keep all the recipes as authentic as possible adapting it to suit homemade experience and are 100% chemicals and preservatives free. Always ready for our customer feedbacks.